Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

12/17/07 Today's Act of Kindness Bloggers Unite

Today is the day. Mine has just ended. I really didn't know what I would do today, so I decided to sit still and listen to my inner voice.

I recently had a friend who has had a terrible misfortune. The story starts eleven horrible days ago. My friend has lost everything, ending up at the Salvation Army, starting his life all over again.

We have become Internet friends, through a mutual admiration of each other's blog: e-mailing and visiting each other's postings. My friend had been very productive, on sabbatical up until eleven days ago when he decided it was time to get back to the real world. But the world as he knows it became surreal.

I received a message saying that he had no money...it had been stolen and squandered away while he was gone; having entrusted his money management to a relative. He had nowhere to go, and no money to get there. He was arrested for vagrancy and jailed.

Through a leap of faith and against the advice of everyone I know, I decided to lend a hand. I've managed to help him get through this.

I now have a friend for life. I may never have put myself on the line without the impetus offered by Blog Catalog to perform this kindness.

All if well; the world isn't so ugly, and not everyone you meet on the Internet is a creep.

Read more at Blog Catalog

I'm a member of BlogCatalog. On December 17th, participating BlogCatalog members are devoting themselves to acts of kindness.

The excitement and community input has been uplifting. BlogCatalog has members from all corners of the globe. What a wonderful way to spread good will. Kudos to the administrators for their promotion of such an endeavour.

Watch the video that this community has put together. Join in. How could this ever be anything but sooo right?

What do you think is most needed?

Tell me what you think. If you were the recipient of that act of kindness, would it open your eyes and heart? Would you believe that the world is indeed a better place because of this?

Please join us.

Here's a wonderful video from anoher member of BlogCatalog.