Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grants Available for Nature-Connected Education, Counseling

Reduce Greed and Increase Personal, Social and
Environmental Well Being

Dr. Michael Cohen

Dr. Michael Cohen has been called a "maverick genius". His approach to health and longevity rivals none - it's sensible. His professional and personal endeavours toward finding and helping others discover balance and better health (physical and emotional) cannot be argued as viable. We've tried medications to treat depression and stress, consumerism to make us happier (and it doesn't), and multiple forms of counselling - all with some success, but we've yet to hit the target.

Through nature, Dr. Cohen has helped others de-stress, support the environment, and yes, even stop smoking - all leading to better health - environmentally and personally.

September 28, 2008, Friday Harbor, WA - Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.,
director of Project NatureConnect, today announced a special social
and environmental education grant program for individuals who have
had good experiences in nature. The program teaches them how to
green their personal and professional relationships in order to
remedy, and help others remedy, our personal, social and
environmental shortcomings. Participants learn how to think like
nature works to produce the unpolluted perfection of its balance and

Cohen notes that the program is essential because the bias in the way
we presently think makes us excessively conquer and exploit nature.
This detrimentally separates our psyche from the self-correcting
grace, spirit and restorative powers of nature in and around us. The
loss leaves us wanting, and when we want there is never enough. It
results in our destructive greed, stress and lack of self-worth along
with our excessiveness and disorders.

Cohen says, "There is hope. Even a walk in the park demonstrates that
our troubles subside when we truly reconnect with nature." In his new
book, Educating Counseling and Healing with Nature, he documents how Project NatureConnect's science enables us to make sensory contact with nature, backyard or back country and increase well being at
every level. The process helps our thinking interlace with the genius
of nature's peace, spirit and renewing ways. It empowers us to
recycle any garbage that has contaminated our sensibilities. It,
long-term, restores our senses so we may relate more sensitively and

Dr. Cohen can be reached at 360-378-6313, nature@interisland.net.
Project NatureConnect's grants, methods and materials are available
at SaneEarth.com

I urge you to explore Project Nature Connect. We all need hope - especially now.

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