Saturday, August 15, 2009

Health News: Protein Injection Instead of Bypass and More

Protein injection fights heart disease by growing new blood vessels

A researcher from Tel Aviv has found a protein that grows new blood vessels "almost immediately", providing new hope for patients with coronary artery disease and other diseases of the blood vessels. An injectable protein has been shown to grow healthy new blood vessels within a matter of weeks, and has been tested with no side effects in animal studies. The findings could eliminate the need for cardiac bypass surgery, and help heart patients suffering from disabilities. Keep reading

Breast cancer 101: Review shows use of MRI before surgery needs more study

Women who face breast cancer surgery generally undergo MRI to find the extent of cancerous tumors. Results of a new review suggest that routinely imaging women with early stage breast cancer in preparation for surgery may do more harm than good, and that large randomized studies are needed to define the role of MRI for improving outcomes for women with breast cancer. Keep reading

Millions in America risk disease from lack of physical fitness

A new analysis from leading exercise scientist Steven Blair, PED, shows that 40 to 50million Americans are inactive, doubling their risk of disease and early death from inactivity and lack of physical fitness. Blair recently spoke at the American Psychological Society's (APA's) 117th Annual Convention. He says, inactivity among Americans is "the biggest public health problem of the 21st century", and he is asking psychologists for help to get Americans physically fit. Keep reading