Monday, July 13, 2009

Health Matters: Breast cancer, Childhood Obesity

Migraine Diagnosis Means Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

Scientists from the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center have conducted a second, more diverse and larger study that links migraine headaches with lower risk of breast cancer. The research follows previous findings examining breast cancer risk and migraine headaches among women age 55 to 74, in targeted geographic locations. Read more

Childhood Obesity Not Genetic Says Study

Results of a new study show that behavior learned from parents of the same sex may be responsible for childhood obesity rather than genetics. According to the International Journal of Obesity mothers who struggle with weight are more likely to have daughters who become obese. The same holds true for father and son. Childhood obesity does not seem to be genetic, but rather the result of influence from the parent of the same sex. Read more

Overweight Kids Suffer Depression, Loneliness

A new study shows that children who are overweight can suffer from depression and loneliness. A new study from University of Missouri shows that girls especially are affected, beginning as early as kindergarten. As obesity rates climb, researchers try to uncover the negative consequences of being overweight in childhood. Read more