Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Could media multitasking drive anxiety and depression rates?

Credit: Morguefile
New research shows people who multitask with media may be at higher risk for anxiety and depression.

Watching TV, texting and using the cellphone might be distracting us from other important activities in ways that aren't good for mental health.

According to the research that  319 people surveyed about their media use and mental health had a higher risk of depression and anxiety when they reported frequent use of a variety of media.

The finding might mean we're overusing media that can have a positive impact too.

Researchers have suggested too much TV and computer time can take away from family activities and other social engagement that is necessary for mental health and even rob us of sleep.

Teens are especially vulnerable to internet addiction, suggest some researchers. Other studies have suggested   TV viewing raises risk of depression for teens. Read the entire story at ◦