Saturday, July 25, 2009

Researchers Study Happiness Through Bloggers | Safe Ozone Levels Harm Lungs | Restless Leg Gene Isolated

Researchers use bloggers, Twitter to measure happiness

Researchers have found a way to measure collective happiness by mining data from blogs, Twitter and personal online writings. By just looking at the first few words of what bloggers and other internet writers have to say, a group of researchers from University of Vermont have successfully used weblogs of bloggers and other online writers to measure happiness. Read more

Study: Healthy lungs suffer from ozone levels deemed safe

Researchers from University of California Davis show that even healthy lungs can suffer from ozone levels believed to be safe. Ozone levels deemed safe have been found to have a negative impact on lung function after just a few hours of walking, cycling, or performing light exercise. Decreased lung function from exposure to “safe” ozone levels improved over several hours, but questions remain about what happens after repeatedly being subjected to low level ozone polllutants. Read more

First gene found linked to restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is considered a difficult problem to treat. The origins and causes are a mystery. Researchers at the Mayo clinic have uncovered a gene mutation linked to restless leg syndrome. The findings may help scientists better understand the disorder. Read more