Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hookah Bars may Not Be Healthy and other Health Matters

Hookah bar health risks

With cigarette bans in full force in restaurants, the appeal of a hookah bar gains popularity in younger crowds. Appeal among young people has been increasing since the 1990’s, and more bars are popping up in the United States. Smoking herbal tobacco, called shisha, from at a hookah bar could pose health risks, but is currently the subject of some debate. Read the entire story

KFC has a new sandwich to promote dementia

Health conscious consumers should probably be wary of the new sandwich from KFC, called the double down sandwich. The sandwich eliminates bread altogether, putting Swiss cheese, pepper jack cheese, bacon and the ‘Colonel’s Special Sauce’ between two pieces of KFC’s original fried chicken filets to form a sandwich. The new sandwich from KFC offers a lot of meat – and a lot of fat. Read the entire story

Study: Chinese herbs could treat heart disease

Researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston are actively studying the ingredients in ancient Chinese herbal remedies used to treat heart disease. The results show that the herbs have heart healing properties, akin to prescription medications typically used to improve blood flow to the heart. The findings open the door for further developing the specific ingredients found in Chinese herbal remedies for treatment of heart disease. Read the entire story