Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stop Cancer by Curbing Obesity and Other Health Matters

Research links over 100000 cancer cases yearly to obesity
According to new research from the American Institute for Cancer Research, several types of cancer are linked to obesity. Weight management plays an important role in cancer prevention, yet public awareness of the link between obesity and cancer is low. Estimates show that that more than 100,000 cancer diagnoses each year are linked to obesity. Read More

Findings show green tea could halt oral cancer

Results of a new study from The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center found that polyphenols in green tea could halt the development of oral cancer in patients with pre-cancerous cell changes. Researchers say that half of patients with pre-malignant lesions known as leukoplakia responded to treatment with green tea extract. The findings suggest that polyphenols found in the popular brew might halt oral cancer. Read More

Tai Chi is good therapy for osteoarthritis knee pain
If you are looking for a non-surgical option for painful knee osteoarthritis, Tai Chi might be the answer to pain and mobility issues. Researchers from Tufts University School of Medicine have found that people over age 65 can increase mobility and reduce pain associated with knee osteoarthritis by performing Tai Chi exercises. Read More