Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anti-cancer food, vitamin D deficiency, resveratrol and diabetes

How to Fight Cancer with Food
Eating a well balanced and nutritious diet is the best way to fight cancer with food. There are studies that support the notion that we can fight cancer with food by making the right choices. It is easy to incorporate cancer fighting foods into your diet. Remember to focus on fresh foods. Avoid processed and pre-packaged foods that contain chemicals. Read more

How to know if you have Vitamin D deficiency
Research shows how important it is to know if you are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D deficiency can cause a variety of health problems, found recently in studies. The best way to know if you have a vitamin D deficiency is by asking your doctor for a 25-hydroxy vitamin D test. Normal levels of vitamin D in the blood are 30.0 to 74.0 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL), but there is ongoing research about optimal levels. Read more

Resveratrol in grapes could protect from diabetes
New research shows that rats fed high fat diets experienced lower insulin levels when scientists injected resveratrol from grapes directly into their brains. The findings suggest that resveratrol could be developed to target specific brain proteins, in turn offering some protection against diabetes in humans. Read more

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Benefits, Facts and Advantages Of YOGA

Consider the benefits of yoga as a valuable exercise that just might suit your needs. The gentle stretching of yoga, or more vigorous movements when desired, can be incorporated into your daily life, regardless of fitness level. We all need more exercise, and yoga has many benefits that are worth considering when choosing an exercise routine.

Yoga reduces depression, can improve balance, lead to mindful eating that reduces chances of obesity, and helps us learn to focus. Breathing associated with yoga can lower blood pressure, and help maintain blood vessel health. Yoga can help with sustained weight loss because it teaches us to focus on the moment.

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More reasons to eat Mediterranean diet - It reduces depression

Focus on a Mediterranean diet is now linked to lower depression. Eating wholesome foods is important for good health.

Foods in the Mediterranean diet are consistently linked to better health, including lower risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even cancer. Eating a Mediterranean diet is now shown to reduce chances of depression - a condition that also increases risk of many other diseases and chronic illness.

Foods in a Mediterranean diet reduce risk of inflammation, preventing wide variations in blood sugar. Researchers are not sure why a Mediterranean diet is linked to lower depression, but a recent study shows the benefits.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Low Vitamin D found in women with breast cancer and other health matters

Women with breast cancer likely to lack enough Vitamin D
Results of a new study show that women with breast cancer are likely to lack enough Vitamin D to protect from bone loss and protect from fracture. The findings, from University of Rochester Medical Center, suggest that women with breast cancer should work closely with their doctor to ensure that vitamin D levels are adequate. Read more

Flexibility could lower heart disease risk
Findings of a new study reveal that people who can touch their toes from a sitting position have a lower risk for heart disease. Flexibility is normally associated with the muscles. New research shows that flexible muscles might also mean flexible arteries and less risk of heart attack and stroke among older adults. Read more

Soccer benefits for women beat running
A new study compares the benefits of soccer for women to running. Research led by Associate Professor Peter Krustrup, University of Copenhagen in collaboration with 30 other scientists shows that soccer has unique benefits for women that surpass running for fitness. Read more