Wednesday, November 11, 2009

BPA and Sexual Dysfunction in Men Linked and More

Work exposure to BPA linked to erectile and ejaculation dysfunction
In a first study that involves human exposure to Bisphenol-A, scientists find a link between erectile dysfunction and BPA exposure at work. The findings come from Kaiser Permanente and are published in the journal Human Reproduction, finding quadruple the risk of erectile dysfunction among men exposed to high levels of BPA, the chemical used to make polycarbonate plastics. Read More

Low fat diet better for mood than low carb

New research, published in the November 9 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine shows that dieters who consumed a low fat diet for a year experienced mood improvement compared to a group given a very low carbohydrate diet. A low fat diet might be best for improving mood, versus a low carbohydrate diet, though both are shown to lead to weight loss. Read More

N95 respirator not best for H1N1 flu protection
Lack of scientific evidence regarding the need for N95 respirators among health care workers has prompted three scientific organizations to urge that OSHA change current recommendations for personal protection from H1N1 flu among health care employees. N95 respirators that require fit-testing are not scientifically proven to be best to protect health care workers from H1N1 flu. Read More