Sunday, August 4, 2013

What research found about toxins in our body and how much money we make

Researchers say it may be time to look at how much money a person makes in deciding their health risks related to harmful chemicals in the body.

In new findings, scientists from the University of Exeter Medical School's European Centre for Environment & Human Health says we all have toxins in our body, but the type is depending on whether we are high income or low income earners.

For example, the analysis showed low income people have more cadmium, antimony and BPA in their urine and high income earners had more arsenic, thallium and other toxic chemicals that they say are the result of lifestyle and diet.

The finding is a first to suggest looking at a person's earnings might be important for understanding health risks.

Until now scientists have told us health risks from harmful chemicals in the body are higher for lower socioeconomic groups. The new study challenges that notion. Read the full story at