Sunday, January 20, 2013

Migraine headache with aura and blood clot risk for women

Credit: Morguefile
Newer research highlights a health risk found for women who have migraine headache with aura that comes from blood clots. Women were found in a study to have higher risk of stroke and heart attack when migraines are accompanied by flashing lights or other warnings known as aura.

Investigators discovered higher risk of DVT or deep vein thrombosis among women who have migraines and take birth control pills; especially newer hormonal oral contraceptives.

The finding means it's important for women who suffer from migraines to talk to their doctor about auras and tell their health care provider they're using contraceptives.

The study authors say it doesn't mean all women with auras that accompany migraines will have a blood clot.

There are steps to take to minimize the chances of a blood clot that can lead to stroke or heart attack if you suffer migraine with aura. Read the entire story at EmaxHealth.