Saturday, October 10, 2009

Low Vitamin D found in women with breast cancer and other health matters

Women with breast cancer likely to lack enough Vitamin D
Results of a new study show that women with breast cancer are likely to lack enough Vitamin D to protect from bone loss and protect from fracture. The findings, from University of Rochester Medical Center, suggest that women with breast cancer should work closely with their doctor to ensure that vitamin D levels are adequate. Read more

Flexibility could lower heart disease risk
Findings of a new study reveal that people who can touch their toes from a sitting position have a lower risk for heart disease. Flexibility is normally associated with the muscles. New research shows that flexible muscles might also mean flexible arteries and less risk of heart attack and stroke among older adults. Read more

Soccer benefits for women beat running
A new study compares the benefits of soccer for women to running. Research led by Associate Professor Peter Krustrup, University of Copenhagen in collaboration with 30 other scientists shows that soccer has unique benefits for women that surpass running for fitness. Read more