Thursday, September 17, 2009

Green Tea Boosts Bone Health and other Health Matters

Green tea boosts bone health in new study

A new finding from Hong Kong researchers shows that a specific ingredient in green tea can help bone cells grow. The same ingredient also blocked destruction of bone mineral, providing a boost that could help keep bones healthy and strong. Read more

Fatty foods signal brain to eat more

New research explains why we get hungrier when we eat fatty foods. According to a study from UT Southwestern Medical Center, saturated fat tells our brain to ignore signals that tell the brain to stop eating. The effect of consuming a high fat diet can last up to three days, causing us to stay hungry. Read more

Chinese plant root kills H1N1 flu in lab tests

Chinese scientists have found that the root of the Ferula assa-foetida plant, also called “Dung of the Devil”, kills H1N1 swine flu in lab experiments. The plant root, used during the Spanish flu epidemic is shown to have powerful effects against H1N1 flu. The results showed that "Dung of the Devil" was more effective against H1N1 flu than antiviral drugs currently on the market. Read more

Virus could trigger aggressive prostate cancer

Researchers have discovered a virus in prostate cancer cells. The new findings leave many unanswered questions about cancer’s origins. If the virus proves to cause cancer in humans, researchers could develop a vaccine, much like the HPV vaccine that prevents cervical cancer. Read more