Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New discovery uncovers protein needed for big musles

Image credit: Bing

Researchers at Dana Farber Cancer Institute have discovered the protein PGC-1 alpha-4 is what helps muscles grow. The hope is that there could be a way to artificially raise levels of the protein in the body for cancer patients or people with chronic muscle wasting diseases.

According to the investigation results, the scientists were able to help mice with cancer maintain more muscle mass than mice that were untreated with the injected protein.

The study authors say even without exercise they were able to increase muscle mass in mice by 60% with PGC-1 alpha-4.

The finding is new and only in its early stages, but the authors say the finding is 'exciting', given the potential applications.

Mice given the protein were leaner and 20 percent stronger than normal mice. Read the rest of the story here. ◦