Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decrease Holiday Stress with a Massage

Preventing disease has become a focus of Western health care. Eastern medicine has promoted disease prevention for centuries. Massage has many benefits that you can tap into to stay healthy and relaxed through the upcoming holidays. Preventing illness, especially during the holidays, can be a challenge.

Massage benefits the recipient as well as the person delivering the massage. Both people benefit from the energy. It does not take long how to learn to give each other a massage. A twenty-minute session can do wonders to decrease holiday stress and promote overall wellness.

Provide some holiday warmth by learning how to deliver a healthful massage. Some of the known benefits include stimulation of the lymphatic system, important for removing toxins from the body. Other massage benefits include stimulation of endorphins, naturally occurring substances that act much like opiates to provide pain relief and relaxation. Providing massage to a family member with health issues can alleviate the need for using pain medication that can disrupt social interaction, especially during the holidays when family time is cherished.

Learning ways to manage stress is essential for disease prevention. Stress contributes to heart disease, enhances depression, and influences every aspect of our lives. Stress management, through massage, translates into well-being for the holidays as well as year long. A short massage can alleviate fatigue, and provide more energy to accomplish needed tasks such as holiday shopping, decorating, house cleaning and baking goodies for your loved ones.

Anyone who suffers from arthritis will appreciate the benefits of massage. PMS always worsens when we are stressed – massage can help with fluid retention and lessen cramping. Massage can enhance recovery from surgery, and calm aggression in elders with Alzheimer’s disease.

You need to make sure you have massage oil or lotion. Warming oils are a favorite. Try some aromatherapy, such as lavender, to help promote a calming effect. Aromatherapy diffusers can be used anytime in the home, and are a welcome addition during a beneficial massage.

You do not have to be a massage therapist to learn how to provide a stress-relieving massage. Make certain you do not attempt to massage anyone who is under medical treatment, or recovering from a serious illness, without professional instruction.

Consider the benefits of massage, especially during the holiday season – it can be a real tension reliever. ◦